Bath Time

Bath time used to be a fight with a lot of crying but is now an enjoyed “activity.” Hen gets to play with his “friends” and give them baths (aka washing his toys with a rag and soap).    
He likes to kick his feet, blow bubbles in the water, and move his arms in a swim motion. 

…and his hair is AWESOME when wet!



Pizza Making Party

Yesterday, the kids made pizza at school. 

They watched a movie about Italian pizza making and then got to it!  

I squealed from cuteness every time a photo was posted.  Hen has been helping me out in the kitchen lately and is turning into quite the sous chef. 

Henry at School

Henry is thriving at his Montessori school and winning hearts along the way.  His classmates are his friends and his teacher is quite fond of him! 

He’s learning a lot and getting very social!

Here are some photos of our little heartbreaker from his teacher – 


Henry + Wally

When the sun is out, there’s nowhere I would rather be then right here in San Francisco. It is a beautiful place with everything we need or want right at our fingertips.

We have a playground in a canyon a few blocks away from our house so when the sun is out, you can usually find us there. 

 …either in a swing. 

…or walking the dog!  
 …while watching the littles play baseball. 


Benihana Date Night

Last weekend, we took Hen to Benihana for a family date night. The biggest surprise of the night was when he ate shrimp with chopsticks! I didn’t know he liked shrimp or that he could use chopsticks – he’s full of surprises.  


After dinner, we grabbed some Japanese dessert called “dragon’s breath” that is made with nitrogen and releases “fog” when eaten!  …and it is COLD!

   Earlier in the day, we had an outing at the farmers market and got Hen some new shoes! Busy busy!!



A Sunday Fender Bender

Hen and I were in a minor car wreck yesterday.  While on our way to a picnic at the Presidio, we were rear-ended and there were four cars involved. Henry kept crying “owie owie,” which scared me to death and left me shaking like a leaf.  I grabbed him out of his car seat and set him in a nearby bus stop to give him a once over. I hugged him and told him I loved him and asked if he was okay, in which he replied, “okay, yeah!” While looking for the insurance information, I handed him an applesauce squeeze pouch which he sucked down before asking for another.  This is the moment I realized, we are unharmed.  We are unscathed. We are fortunate. 

After giving and receiving insurance and license information, I made the decision to continue on our journey to the picnic as we were only a few minutes away. 

While there, we shared donuts, played games, read books, and snuggled in our little tent. 


Life is unexpected. Things can happen in a blink of an eye.  I’m thankful for our safety in that scary situation. I can’t stop envisioning a different scenario with a different outcome – especially considering being hit from the back of the car.  But it didn’t happen. We are safe. We are okay. 

Xoxo, Henry. You were so brave. Thank you for being YOU. I love you. 

My Little Barista 

Hen makes me coffee every morning. He calls it “mommy coffee” and is the best little barista around. 

He is a pro.  I sit him on the counter, he grabs the coffee pod from the ceramic coffee pod holder, replaces the lid, opens the top of the keurig, hands me the used k cup to throw away, inserts the unused k cup, closes the top, and hits the little blinking Brew button.

…Then he looks at me and gives me a high five before reaching for a teaspoon to stir it up. 



Reliving the Weekend

It’s Hump Day, and I am reminiscing about my fun weekend with Henry!

On Sunday, we hit the beach. We went to Crissy Field in the morning and Ocean Beach in the afternoon.

We started the morning blowing bubbles while waiting in line for a donut.

We then took a 3.5 mile walk to play in the sunshine and get some photos with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.  
  A stranger was kind enough to offer to take our photo together. While not very flattering, it is a rare occasion so wanted to document.

After nap time, we headed to Ocean Beach where we set up a tent and played. Hen was a happy little clam as you can see!

Little BIG Man 

Hen is a city kid and loves every moment of it.  The urban life isn’t always easy, but we do our best to make it work. And to be honest, H doesn’t know any different. He is happy as a clam.