You Are My Sunshine….

Between Pinterest & blogs, it’s hard not to think about my “maybe, one day” nursery because there are ideas and inspiration everywhere!  For whatever reason I can’t quite put my finger on, my favorite childhood song is “you are my sunshine!”  Obviously, this means that I want my “maybe, one day” baby/child/kid/little monster to love it too!  To ensure that he/she knows it by heart by the time his/her first words start flowing out, I will be sure to use these free printables from tatertots & jello.


B!tch Please, Put that {Pee Stick} Away

If I see one more pee stick on my Facebook newsfeed, I am {literally} going to puke!  Ladies, get a clue!  If you announce your pregnancy, I believe you! You do not have to post a photo of those two positive lines to prove it, I promise! If you want to show that gross stick you just peed on to all of cyberland, create a blog! You can think of it as the baby’s personal {online} journal.

Why?  The reason is simple! I will then be able to opt into looking at these things if I choose + care enough. If not, I can eat my bagel + drink my herbal tea while still keeping my appetite!

Babies for Dummies

When it comes to babies/children/kids/little monsters, I am completely clueless.  I know absolutely nothing about them. Not one thing. Nada.

I am at the age where my friends and colleagues are married and starting their own families.  Eventually, I, myself, will start considering what it means to be a mom and bring a new little person into this crazy, silly world!

But first, I have all kinds of questions. And yes, they are silly! Of course, they are!  I know nothing about babies/children/kids/little monsters, remember?

Here are the questions that are currently consuming my thoughts – Is baby fever contagious? Will I ever catch it?

How do you know when you are ready?  Is there ever a time when you think, “ok, now! we are completely ready for a baby.”  

How much does raising a kid cost? Can we afford it?  

Can I really be that selfless? Do you mean I really have to share?

Will my dogs be jealous? How will they cope? 

Do I want a midwife instead of the traditional hospital care? p.s. Have you watched the business of being born?

Will we need a nanny? Can I work + care for a baby while also cleaning, cooking, dog walking + snuggling, etc?

What happens if the baby/child/kid/little monster loves my husband more than he/she loves me?

What happens if my husband loves the baby/child/kid/little monster more than he loves me?  

How does one travel with a baby/child/kid/little monster on planes, trains, and automobiles?

And the most important question is the following: Does it hurt? Hell Yes? Well then how does one have multiple children? If I burned my hand on the stove, I wouldn’t put my hand on a hot burner again! Ever! Isn’t that the same concept?