Deal of the Century: 4moms RockaRoo @ Target

Are you ready to turn green with envy?  I recently received the deal of the century while shopping at Target.  You know how it goes…you go to Target for paper towels and dish soap and somehow end up with a shopping cart full of “god-knows-what.” 

Anyhoo, the stars aligned for me on this particular day as I was crawling the baby aisle on hands and knees to find the discount items on the very bottom shelf – open boxed items, returns, discontinued items, etc.  While crawling around a shopping cart, a little red and white Clearance tag on the 4moms RockaRoo caught my eye. Being marked down to $189 from the $249 list price was a good enough deal for me to justify putting it in my cart.


Per usual, when I got to the checkout line and realized how quickly my purchases were adding up, I started having doubts about buying a swing so early in my pregnancy because…well, let’s face it. I didn’t NEED it!  Well, before I could say, “PLEASE DON’T SCAN THAT, I AM GOING TO PASS!” the price rang up on the little screen saying $18.90! Wait, what?!  

Of course the honest thing would have been to say something but I sealed my lips, pulled out my credit card and hightailed it out of there.  After all, when a frugal gal gets a brand new $249 item for eighteen dollars and ninety cents, it is time to celebrate!

Happy Shopping!