Pregnancy Update: Week 27



EATING apples, peanut butter, cereal + soy milk

DRINKING ice water, iced tea, apple juice


WANTING to finish the nursery

SLEEPING hello insomnia!

WEARING maternity leggings – I will never take them off!

FEELING good, excited, baby kicks, heartburn, restless legs

LOVING feeling movement and kicks

Our Woodland Nursery: Part I

Because I caught the nesting bug that bites {nearly} every pregnant woman, I’ve been on a mission to decorate our spare bedroom/office to accommodate the nursery.

We live in a small urban space in San Francisco, therefore we had to get creative with the set up.  Because we have a ton of friends and family visit through the year and because the husband works from home, it was important to me that we didn’t give up the spare bed or the office.  With some careful planning, we’ve made it work so that the spare room is a trifecta of guest bedroom, nursery, and office.

Here are the tasks I completed this week:

The Dresser:

ikea rast

For the dresser, I bought the RAST dresser from Ikea for the unbelievable price os $34.99.  Because it is plain wood {as seen here} I added some flair using chevron wall decals (on clearance at Target for $10) and wrapping paper (from Ikea for $1.99) and some Mod Podge.  Although I still want to add some cool knobs, this is the {nearly} finished fruits of my labor.

The Office:
office spaceBy moving the desk down to the far end of the wall, adding some wall art, and decorating with some desk flair (such as the hedgehog pen holder, lantern, branch lamp, and owl bust) we have a welcoming office space that ties into the nursery theme.

…Next up is the crib assembly, guest bed bedding, curtain hanging, and wall art.

Gender Disappointment – Secretly Sad?

We want a healthy baby!

That is a given…and something couples always reply with when asked what gender they want/prefer.

My response: “I didn’t know healthy was a gender!”   I mean, of course we all want to deliver healthy babies. Who on Earth would say otherwise?

I know for us, we are split down the middle.  I would prefer a girl and the husband would prefer a boy. Why?


Well, when I think of MY CHILD, I can’t picture anything other than a little girl.  I visualize big brown eyes, long blonde hair, dresses, pageants, sparkles, and a mini version of myself, which I would nickname Minnie!  When the husband thinks of HIS CHILD, he thinks of basketball and bonding with his son like he did with his father.  Of course a son could be into pageants & sparkles and a daughter could be into basketball, but I’m thinking of the shallow, traditional view of the idealistic children.

Because of our split household, we have decided to keep the gender reveal to the delivery day.  We’ve heard of gender disappointment being a real thing so would like to avoid the whole topic by finding out the gender as soon as he/she enters the world because regardless of gender, we will love him/her with all of our beings as soon as we lay our eyes on the little beetle baby.

Mario Themed Baby Shower

Last year, I hosted a Mario-themed baby shower for my twin sister at her home in {Alexandria, VA}. She did the baby’s room in a Mario theme, which was an idea taken from an unfinished quilt my late grandma Mary was working on before she passed. We made a pact that whichever one of us had the first boy would get the blanket.  I gifted her the blanket at the shower and wanted to keep with the theme, hence the Mario Baby Shower.

Her {SURPRISE} shower was definitely one for the books!  We had a chef prepare dinner, a photobooth, a fun onesie decorating contest, and most important, we had best friends from all over the country, including Texas, California, and Indiana, attend her special day.  We even had a Skype/Facetime session for those who weren’t able to attend in person but wanted to share their love and excitement for the baby!

Here is a small picture recap from the day –

casey 18 weeks childhood friendsannouncement  crabcakes favors food2 fruit hummus jess kiss jess jess2 mac n cheese mario blanket mario cake mario nursery 2 mario nursery me and jess 2 me and jess onesie two onesie party photo booth 2 photobooth props picture balloons pierrards2 refreshments salad salmon skype the surprise 2 the surprise veg plate

Baby Shower Cake Inspiration: Woodland Theme

The shower for Baby Beetle will be hosted by our sweet families in San Francisco around Thanksgiving. As a family who loves hosting parties, I can not wait to see all of the details and special touches that will make the day memorable and unique.

Although I’m staying out of the planning portion, one task I am inserting my opinion about is the shower cake!

Let me be the first to say that I am not a dessert/cake person.  I don’t ask for birthday cakes and don’t opt for a slice at events. We didn’t even have a cake at our wedding.  However, I think cakes and baby showers go hand-in-hand so the cake is a very important detail to me.

My family has a lot to live up to in order to out-do the cake I had made in Alexandria, Virginia for my sister’s Mario-themed baby shower.


                      It’s Me….Mario!

Because we aren’t finding out the gender of Baby Beetle, we picked a {gender – neutral} woodland theme for the nursery, which will also be the shower theme.  When thinking of a cake idea that embodies the woodland theme, I immediately Googled “deer cake” and found these beauties.

Deer Bust Cakedeer cake4Deer Bust Cake by Intricate Icings

I mean…how cool are these? {Hint! Hint!}