The Belly POP!

Each day I wake up, I find a new surprise waiting for me.  Whether it is my belly button poking out a little bit more, a new ache somewhere in my body, or an unexpected energy boost, nothing surprises me more than the little growth spurts the baby hits that make my belly pop out even further…seemingly OVERNIGHT.


photo (5)

The red tank photo (left) was on a Thursday and the black tank photo (right) is three days later!  Yep, only THREE days!  And I thought black was supposed to be slimming!  Can you see that extra pop in the belly?  Grow baby, grow!



Pregnancy Survival Tip: Bubble Baths

Ahhhh, the bubble bath!  This is the ONE thing that has helped me get past the discomforts of my changing body from the past few weeks!  And the fact that it is FREE and can be done on my own time, when I want, and for however length of time I want makes it even better!  

GET IN THE MOOD: I play relaxing tunes, add bubbles, light frangranced candles, sip on ice water, and let the achy-ness, stress, and pressure fade away one minute at a time.  Whether it is a quick 10 minutes or an hour long, I always feel sooooooo good after stepping out of the tub and wrapping up in a big fuzzy towel.

bubble bath

And of course, a bath wouldn’t be the same without the BUBBLES!  Honestly, the one night I realized I had run out of bubble bath soap, I ran to the kitchen and substituted Dawn dishsoap. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this, but I actually felt like an addict who panicked and being the only option as a substitute, I made it work.  Crisis Averted!

After my minor panic attack, I made it my mission to stock up on different soaps and salts so that I didn’t run out again.  Now I have so many that I can pick a different one for each night of the week! Yay for bathtub parties with my water {on the rocks}!

bubble bath

bubble bath2

If I were to recommend just one, I would recommend the Bliss Bubbling Bath, which can be found at Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean right out of the tub.  For me, this is important because others seem to leave a residue that makes me feel like I need a post-bath shower to get “clean.”

Happy Bubble Bathing!


*Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional so please talk to your healthcare provider/midwife/nurse/doula as there are varying opinions on baths and bubbles during pregnancy.


31 weeks


EATING apples, peanut butter, cereal + soy milk (same as 27 weeks)

DRINKING ice water, hot tea, Diet Cran-Grape Juice, & Fresh Squeezed OJ

READING Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight (

WANTING to know the sex of the baby – why did we think waiting would be the right decision?

SLEEPING better with the hypnosis + relaxation recordings

WEARING nothing but a robe when I’m home and a tank + cardigan + black maternity leggings other times

FEELING ready! I’m going to rock this birth!

LOVING water aerobics, nightly bubble baths, and our Hypnobirthing classes + hypnosis recordings.