To Do(ula) or Not To Do(ula), That is the Question


The answer (for us) is Yes, get a doula!

As we focus on a natural, unmedicated birth to welcome our baby into the world, the support, knowledge, and comfort of having an experienced support person for the labor and birth is a no-brainer.

We hired a great twosome that we feel safe and comfortable with as one is a hypnotherapist and the other is a massage therapist, in addition to being doulas.  We lucked out with their specialties as the belly massages + visual imagery have been a big help in the final month of pregnancy.

If you are considering hiring a doula for support before, during, and after your birth experience, I would recommend doing your research and interview a few to get an understanding of what you want and think you will need during labor.  For instance, if you want a cheerleader who is going to keep things upbeat, positive, and cheer you on, then make sure your doula fits the bill.

Good luck!



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