I Lost My {Tech} Job Due to Pregnancy

Okay, I didn’t exactly lose it.  I know where it is.  It is on California Street in San Francisco, CA.

california street

Also, I wasn’t fired.  That would actually make the scenario a lot better given unemployment options.

The truth is, I resigned.

Clearly, I need to clarify.  The reason I say “lost” is because I do feel the emotions of LOSS.  I loved my job. I loved being a professional woman in the tech space. I loved the responsibility and the steep learning curve of wearing a lot of different hats in a small start up. I’m actually still in the grieving process of accepting my new title as, Unemployed.


So what happened?  To make a {very} long story short, here’s the jist!  After telling the CEO of our 4 person start up that I was 10 weeks pregnant {back in early July} and a week after I started the job, the environment, attitudes, and workload completely shifted and the bullying started.  After coming home night after night crying myself to sleep and a health scare caused by the stress of the situation, it was time to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

After all, isn’t bringing a baby into the world safely in a healthy, supported environment my number one concern?

There are so many details and parts of this story that would infuriate you.  And yes, I didn’t do everything right either so I must admit a little blame and take responsibility for the outcome of the situation.

However, something is very wrong when the CEO compares my early pregnancy to him walking out and getting struck by a cable car causing him to be disabled.

NEWSFLASH: Pregnancy isn’t a disability.

But wait, is this legal?  The answer is, yes.  Even in the great state of California, a company under 5 employees is favored by the state and government, over the pregnant employee.  As the CEO clearly stated to me, “You don’t have any rights. Well, you have rights as a human being, but not as a pregnant woman in the workforce.”  Well, I guess that settles it.

Let me tell you…job seeking while pregnant is nearly impossible.  It’s time consuming, stressful, and somehow you are always “overqualified” for the job. Weird.

So all of this has led us to be a one income family in San Francisco, which is difficult…nearly impossible.  And also, very VERY stressful.

So what’s next? The truth is, I don’t know.  Now that I’m 37 weeks pregnant, my mind is focusing on welcoming a healthy baby into our home, instead of finding my next job.  However, when April 2015 rolls around, I will be back on the job market and reconsidering my love for the tech industry, that is for sure!

Take care,



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