Our Woodland Themed Baby Shower: As told in Photos

23. k and v

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, our families hosted the most lovely baby shower imaginable.  While rain in the Bay Area curbed the original plans to have a park picnic, plans were quickly changed and accommodated at our own house.


From the good food to the small details, to our closest family and friends coming from near and far, the day was full of celebration and love for Baby Beetle.

25 food table

16. diaper cake22. photobooth420. photobooth 2



shower food

27. activitiesLet’s have one more look at this AMAZING cake from Inticing Creations.  I mean….it was so perfect, we didn’t even want to cut into it.  It was seriously a work of art that I wish we could have kept forever.  But once we did dive in, the chocolate and salted caramel flavors were out of this world!

deerAlso, let’s look at the cake and pie pops, too!  They were so cute and delicious that they were the first food item to be gobbled up or grabbed for safe keeping.  A huge thank you goes to Sweet Lauren Cakes for her hard work and creativity and to our families for their financial contributions that made the day absolutely perfect.

Cheers to a perfect day!





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