Henry is getting an early lesson in Mother Nature.

On a stroll around the neighborhood, a little beetle found our Baby Beetle!  Do you see the little guy hanging out on top of the stroller?  beetle

Happy Strolling,



The Comparison: Pre Pregnancy Body vs 8 Months Pregnant

It is quite amazing when you think about all of the transitions a woman’s body goes through in 40 weeks of pregnancy…not to mention that you are growing A HUMAN!  I mean, I can not believe that any day now we will be welcoming a little baby boy who once lived inside of my body.

Speaking of changing bodies, I hardly recognize my body at 39 weeks pregnant.  I have officially outgrown my clothes, including my maternity ones.  My shirts are too short and expose my stomach, while all of my pants feel constricting and uncomfortable.  I’m down to one pair of maternity leggings.  What this means is that I refuse to leave the house if they are dirty because I have nothing to wear. Literally.

To see how much my body has changed, I decided to post some photos to compare. The first picture shows my body a few days before I found out I was pregnant while the second photo shows my 32 week pregnant body right before I hit the pool for prenatal water aerobics.


It’s hard to imagine what it feels like to have a waistline after nearly ten months without one but so worth it when you get a little buddy to call your own at the end of it.



New Years Eve Road Trip

happy new year

Because we are on baby watch and didn’t want to travel too far from home, Beetle and I decided to take a road trip down Hwy 1 for a fun New Years Eve celebration.  We wanted to be sure to make the most of the last few days we have as a two-some.

In short, we had a blast!  We visited the marine reserve in Moss Beach, ate fish and chips in Half Moon Bay, & played arcade games in Santa Cruz.

IMAG0312 IMAG0313 IMAG0316 IMAG0321

Happy New Year!


The Waiting Game


When Tom Petty sang, “the waiting is the hardest part,” he wasn’t kidding!

Being 39 weeks pregnant and having “false” contractions for the past month is proving to be very trying on my patience.  It isn’t that I am at the point where a woman says, “OKAY, I’m done being pregnant, let’s have this baby!”  I am currently having frustrations because I’m up most of the nights with strong cramps and back pain…but considering nothing has happened yet, it seems that I am experiencing practice contractions called Braxton Hicks.

Also, if I am to be honest, I am shocked that I am still pregnant as I just knew Baby Beetle would be here by now.

Between prenatal chiropractic appointments, acupuncture, swimming, mayan abdominal massages, hypnotherapy, talking to the baby, and sitting on an exercise ball most of the day, I am working to make the unmedicated natural birth experience the best one possible and am just waiting for him to want to enter this world.

I’ve heard that a full moon puts mamas into labor so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tonight is the night.  I’m ready to meet this little guy and spoil him with snuggles and love.

full moon