Must Haves: Baby Gear Edition

baby gear

1. Bugaboo Cameleon: This, in my opinion, is the Cadillac of strollers.  The attachable bassinet is perfect for a newborn and provides a ton of shade to protect baby from the elements. Trails? Sand? Uneven sidewalks?  Not a problem with this stroller!  It magically glides right through the city without waking up the sleeping baby.

2. 4moms RockaRoo™: Wow! This “swing” has been a Godsend.  Due to an error on the checkout tag at Target, I got this swing at a steep discount.  However now that we have it and know how much baby loves it, I would definitely pay full price. For the first three weeks of Baby Beetle’s life, he slept in it at night giving us 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time. Now that he has better vision, he loves staring at the attached mobile, which provides hours of entertainment for him.  It must be nice to be so easily entertained!

3. Beco: In full disclosure, this carrier came recommended to me and was the only one I tried. I love it as it provides great support for my back and baby loves it because it is comfortable and keeps him close.  It also doesn’t hurt that they come with cute designed fabric to ensure you stand out from the crowd.  As it so happens, this is the chosen baby carrier in the mom group I attend on Tuesday afternoons.

4. Chicco KeyFit® 30 Zip Emerald™: This was a generous gift from my sister and I’d highly recommend it.  Not only is it an eye catcher, but it is lightweight.

Lightweight =  Easy to Carry.

We started with an old Graco car seat but found it difficult to get Baby Beetle in and out of it. After those difficulties, this Chicco carseat really stands out for its ease, especially when installing it in the car.


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