It’s Official, I Am An Idiot!

Our bags are packed, and we are ready to go!  

{Baby Beetle’s} first airplane adventure is this week to Denver, Colorado to meet his Aunt Liz + Cousin Levi and to celebrate Passover with the family.

I logged into my email to double check our departure time tomorrow and immediately noticed my error.Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.22.24 AMI switched the departure + arrival cities.airplane

We live in San Francisco, therefore must depart from SFO to arrive in Denver.  I’m not sure how this happened!  I am known for my attention to detail but yet I messed this up!  I’ve booked hundreds of flights in my lifetime, and yet I messed up something as simple as our departure city.

After I bawled my little eyes out, I sat on hold with @FlyFrontier for an hour to see what could be done.

So what happened?  

…Let’s just say this was my $1,000+ mistake. Literally!

Feeling Dumb,



Vaccinations: Four Month Vaccines @Ten Weeks Old

Due to our upcoming trips to Denver & DC over the next three weeks, we opted to get {Baby Beetle’s} second round of vaccines early to ensure he has more antibodies and a stronger immunity to the scary stuff.

What I’ve learned is that the vaccination process seems to be much harder on me than it is on him.  On this round, {Baby Beetle} stayed in a good mood throughout every poke and prick, while my eyes filled with alligator tears.

Very Impressive, Henry Hayes!

round 2 shotsDeep Breath,


Our Favorites: The First Six Weeks

The (1)

  1. 3 sprouts Caddy – This is one of the most used baby shower gifts I received, and I couldn’t recommend it more!  We packed it with diapers, wipes, burp clothes, a bib, butt paste, Chapstick, a thermometer, and a pacifier to make a portable diaper changing station.  It primarily lives in the living room but can easily be moved from one room to the next.
  2. Sleep Sheep® – The Sleep Sheep® has saved us on many occasions, especially in the very beginning.  We attached it to baby’s swing/hammock, selected the womb sounds setting, and turned it up to its highest volume to lull the baby to sleep.  It has an automatic timer that will shut itself off and the best part is that if it senses baby move, it will turn back on to help put him/her back to sleep.
  3. Blooming Bath – Bathing the baby in the sink has never been easier than with this soft cushion-like bath mat.  It is machine washable and has a cloth hook for hang drying.
  4. 4moms newborn insert – Even though we only used this for a few short weeks, it made for a more comfortable position for the baby when he was in the 4moms RockaRoo.  In fact, the insert was so comfortable that the baby slept in it at night for 4 hour stretches…in the very beginning. Score!
  5. Milkbarn™ Kids Muslin Swaddle – Let me be the first one to tell you that you can never have too many swaddling blankets.  Serving as makeshift stroller blankets, swaddles, car seat shade/sun blockers, emergency spit up cloths, and even a diaper changing pad (in a pinch), these blankets are very versatile. In saying this, Milkbarn™ has some adorable designs that will get you compliments everywhere you go!
  6. Zippy Bibs – Spit happens!  And yes, you can use the traditional bibs but why would you when baby can be hip and trendy in these bandana bibs!
  7. Kickee Pants® Layette Gown – This is my favorite brand of baby clothing because the organic bamboo material is impossibly soft and slinky. I seriously can’t get enough of how comfortable it feels.
  8. Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush – In an effort to stimulate hair growth, I purchased this brush from Amazon and made it part of the nightly routine.  The soft bristles are cruelty free and can be used on wet or dry hair.

{baby beetle} meets AMinthecity

Can you believe this guy? His cuteness just kills me! I am proud as a peacock to be his mama and share his cuteness with my close friends.

Which is lucky because my sweet, beautiful friend Ann Marie visited us from NYC this weekend and the two of them made a lasting connection.

I would be lying if I said it was love at first sight because it was not.  The baby definitely had to warm up to her and took his sweet little time doing so. However, by the time she boarded the plane, he was quite smitten by her.

Thank you for visiting us and for being such an amazing friend to me! We can’t wait to follow your adventures and stay up-to-date on your fab life via your blog,!