Fitting Baby Into Our Lifestyle


Fitting {Baby Beetle} into our lifestyle has been easier than I imagined.  Of course it helps that he is so easy going and just kind of hangs out, otherwise I think we would stay home.

IMAG0473Because he seems to like being out of the house, we continue to take him with us on as many adventures and outings as possible, which is great because we are very social.

Whether we are heading to a brewery, charity events, dinner parties, or local SF events, we try to attend as many things we are invited to as possible.  I feel very fortunate that adding {Baby Beetle} to the mix hasn’t slowed us down.


Of course, his health and happiness is our #1 concern so we have some criteria for our outings & adventures that include the following:

  1. {un}crowded area
  2. {open}air space
  3. {pumped}breastmilk

If we can say, “check! check! & check!” to these three things then we say, “yes!”

Cheers to more adventures!



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