WaterBabies: A Floatation Device

It is important to me that {Baby Beetle} learns to swim as soon as possible. I am and have always been a little waterbug and want to share that with him.  The good news is that he is loving his bathtime so hopefully that means he will also love his first pool experience.

Sadly, it will be a few months before we are able to see him in action.  Due to public pools having so many germs, the pediatrician advised us to wait six months before entering the water. I am chomping at the bit and although I do not want to wish the days away, the countdown is on!

Two months down, four to go.

This leads me to a hilarious new invention called the Otteroo, which was created by a Bay Area mom to help keep the little ones afloat.


Check it out in action! 

Although it looks odd and may even cause people to stare when used in a public space, this was just purchased for the babe.  At least in the meantime, we can have some bath time fun!  For a retail price of $35, it was a no brainer!

Our local news channel, abc7news did a feature on it, which you can check out here.  I’m sold!


Happy Floating,



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