You Are My Sunshine

Two short months ago, my life changed forever when we welcomed {Baby Beetle} into the world.  I know that sounds like the biggest cliche ever, but I have seriously never known the kind of love and adoration that I have for him.IMG_6299

He is the sweetest little old soul.

Luckily, the connection and bond between us was instant and continues to grow stronger every single minute of every single day.  Although it is true that he can be called a “toothless spud” at this age, he finds ways to show me how much he adores me in his own way.  The little twinkle in his eye and the grin(s) he gives me instantly melt my heart!

In his two short months with us, he has softened me up in a way that wasn’t possible before his existence. To say that I am obsessed with him would be a gross understatement.

It is no secret that I never had dreams of having a baby and becoming a mom but as it stands, I can not imagine my life being any more perfect than it is with him in it.

Our worse days together are better than my best days before him.  IMG_6298




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