behind the scenes

My sister and I wanted to get professional photos of Hen + Roni while I was in town visiting.  

We hired a gal to take our photos  and will need to wait two weeks to see the gallery.  

Until then, we have a small sneak peek. 

When cousins meet

It is no secret that I am obsessed with my nephew, Roenick. 


In fact, before Henry, I was convinced I could never love anyone more than I love him. 

With that being said, you can imagine my excitement for my two favorites to meet in person. 

When a DC baby meets an SF baby, you have instant love.  

Henry’s Quarter Year Birthday

3montholdhenryHenry is {Three} Months Old.

Three. 3. Tres. Trois. III.

Boy, oh boy!  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!  Somehow, I blinked and {Baby Beetle} is three months old. Yep, just like that!

His next pediatrician appointment isn’t until he is {four} months old so we don’t have measurements this month, but I can tell you that he has hit a growth spurt and is big!

When people ask how old he is, they look at me with amazement when I respond, “twelve weeks.”  It is like they don’t believe me!  Weird.


He is an alert little guy who stares intently at his surroundings and likes to stand up and look in the mirror at his cute little face.  He smiles most of the day, needs constant entertainment, and has started to giggle.

He is also doing the following:

  • holding onto toys
  • putting toys in his mouth
  • talking/babbling
  • staring at the phone during family FaceTime sessions
  • swatting at toys above his head

He continues to be my little sidekick/companion/accessory.  We make the cutest little team you’ve ever seen!

Henry + Mama! Mama + Henry!

I’ve said it before and will say it again…he is SUCH A GOOD baby.  Honestly, he is the best!

[easy-going. fun. smiley. cuddly.]

Cheers to a great three months together,


The Struggle is Real!

The struggle is real!

And “mom brain” definitely exists.

If losing my wallet a few weeks weeks back at Target and booking the wrong flight to Denver (which you can read about here!) isn’t enough, I have lost my driver’s license again!

I had it at the library yesterday to check out books, which I had to use since I lost my library card with my wallet.  I was answering security questions for the library lady just as {Baby Beetle} decided to have a fit. Because I couldn’t calm his screams, I hightailed it out of there quicker than you can say Quick!

It wasn’t until last night at trivia that I realized my license was no where to be found. Right then I realized I lost it somewhere between the library and the two blocks to my house.

I am losing my mind…

Then today as I was tearing the house apart trying to locate my license, I lost my cup of coffee.  After walking through our apartment no less than 20 times looking in each and every room, I declared it GONE and made a new cup.

Thirty minutes later, I spotted it from the corner of my eye.

Yep, there it is. Hiding behind a picture frame on the side table in the living room.

Why would I put it there?

It’s official, I have definitely lost my mind.

To top all of this off, I’ve also misplaced the parts to my breast pump that I just received from my health insurance company. I can’t use it without the parts and pieces, therefore it is just sitting there collecting dust.

If you know me, you know that I am a Type A, perfectionist who prides herself on never losing anything in her life.  I can throw that brag out the window as somehow having a baby has made me completely unreliable and unable to keep track of my own belongings.

Upset & Annoyed,