our first trip: Denver 

{Baby Beetle} now has a round trip flight under his belt.

The flight from San Francisco to Denver with an eleven week old baby and our eleven year old dog, Wally, was surprisingly uneventful.  To simplify the experience, it was easy peasy.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about our flight home.  {baby beetle} was hot, uncomfortable, and unhappy the entire 2.5 hour flight while the dog was nursing an infected paw from a spider bite.


*le sigh*

To be honest, it was a stressful situation where all I wanted to do was crawl into myself and disappear.


Gone! Byyyeeeeee!

Not only was it embarrassing because everyone was staring, it was heartbreaking that I couldn’t comfort {baby beetle}.

Nothing worked. Nothing.

I tried everything.

We ended up spending half the flight in the bathroom trying to nurse and staring at ourselves in the mirror.

To top it off, when I was waiting for my bag at the carousel, a sweet older lady gave me words of encouragement while another said, “he didn’t like the flight, did he?” and then made a comment about how I was a “young mother.” Ugh!

Still recovering,



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