my afternoon henry fix

Being away from Henry to get work done is by far the worst part of my day.  Being a working mama is no joke! It is tough!

Thank goodness for modern technology so that I can get my Henry fix whenever I need it…which lately is nearly every minute of the day.

Missing him,

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.44.01 AM

Henry’s Weekend: Memorial Day Holiday

{Baby Beetle} has had an eventful weekend in the Washington DC suburbs with his {Denver-ite} cousin.

The holiday weekend included park time, pool time, tummy time, and Bumbo time, among other fun activities.henry's weekend IMG_0895 IMG_0798It must be noted that Cousin Levi is a great teacher.  Their time spent together taught Henry how to kick his legs, roll over (!!!), share toys, & work his own pacifier. We are very much looking forward to spending more time together in the coming months.

We love you Levi,


For Fun: Late Afternoon Pool Party

When you have a house full of family and little ones in tow, it takes some creativity to reduce stress and anxiety, while also keeping the littles engaged.  Because of this, we had an impromptu late afternoon <baby> pool party.

Since {Baby Beetle} and his 9month old cousin are little water bug babies, we had some fun in the sun after manually blowing up a rainbow inflatable pool and transporting several pots of warm water to the yard to fill it.

Our dedication to the baby fun was on point!

With my iPhone in hand, we got some great photos of the two splashing around.

Enjoy the adorableness you are about to see with your little eyes!


{Cousin Pool Party}

cousin water bugs


{Water Bug}

Float On,


walks are so exhausting 

If I ever want a sleeping baby, all I have to do is put him in the stroller and hit the pavement. 

He’s a sleepy little {Beetle Baby} and seems to fall asleep within minutes of our walks. 

In full disclosure, this doesn’t stop me from talking to him about the sights we see on the route. Just in case he is playing opossum and can actually hear me, I want to cover all my bases.