The Start of the Crib Transition

Since we brought the {Beetle Baby} home from the hospital, he has slept in our room.  Whether it was a swing, a bassinet, a hammock, or our bed, he has always been within arms reach.

However, now that he is getting older, we are starting to transition him to his crib in his very own room.  I started putting him in there during naps when I was sure he was in a deep slumber.  Then I slept in the nursery on the guest bed while he slept in the crib so that I could still be close to him and attend to his needs.  Now he is on his own (kind of).

crib transitionI would be lying if I didn’t say that I obsessively spy on him using the DropCam.  I have it pulled up on my computer and the app on my phone, even when I go to sleep.DropCam-PRO_Front_72dpi

Here’s a zoomed in snapshot of a nap.
IMG_8356_2Sweet Dreams,



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