This is the Face of a {Four} Month Old

DAY SPAOur {Beetle Baby} is now {four} months old.  It feels like he’s been with us much longer as I can not imagine my life before his arrival in January 2015!  I always hated when people told me that exact phrase but now I get it! I apologize for the silent judging and slight eye roll.  This is yet another instance where you can call me a hypocrite.

Gosh, motherhood really has changed me!

At four months old, Henry is a chatty cathy who has a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge.  When he isn’t taking sweet little naps, he demands to be entertained. He enjoys sucking on his tiny little fingers, snuggling in my sweet embrace, and being on-the-go to enjoy everything new in the world.

He is just so darn FUN!

His gummy smiles and the twinkle in his eye give me butterflies in my stomach and makes my heart sing.

You are my Worldlove you to the moon & back,



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