play date : Beer, BBQ, + Babies

we headed south of San Francisco today to a friend’s house for beer, BBQ, & babies. Four babies aged two months, three months, five months and eight months had an exhausting afternoon drooling over shared toys and taking turns napping.


Henry was quite the ladies man being the only male baby but was a perfect gentleman and let the ladies rule the roost.  I taught him well!;)                           



Today was a day for the history books.  SCOTUS finally acknowledges and passes a law that #lovewins and #loveislove.

Even though the world Henry is being raised in is a cruel, harsh one, it is now one that will let him choose who he loves in the eyes of the law, and I couldn’t be happier. Let’s be honest…life is hard enough.

To celebrate the day, my friends and I took half the day and celebrated by playing in the city.  Henry is obviously too small to remember this, but I have photos to mark the special occasion.                     

Picnic in the Presidio 

We celebrated Father’s Day with a picnic in the Presidio. On Sundays, they host a big picnic with food trucks, tents, and beverages, which is super family friendly.

It seemed that most blankets were filled with food, wine, and at least one baby in tow.

We enjoyed the sunshine, an array of delicious food (like a grilled peach), and watching Henry blow raspberries + roll around the blanket.   

Three Dogs + a Baby Ain’t Easy

When you live in a small apartment in San Francisco and have three(3) dogs and a baby, life isn’t always easy. 

However, seeing Henry’s face light up when he sees the “fur-babies” is worth every headache, frustration, and overwhelmed feeling it may bring. 

To say he loves his dogs is an understatement.                


Kick. Kick. Kick Your Feet. 

By golly, I am raising a waterbug who loves the great outdoors. Between bubble baths and one or two nights at the gym pool, Henry is learning how to swim.  

At just five months, he can go under without breathing in the pool, kick his feet like he’s treading water, and float on his back (with assistance).      

He continues to be perfect in every way and surprise me with his sweet personality and common interests.  

He’s a little sun bunny, waterbug like his mama!

Next up, on the swim agenda, is 4th of July weekend in Lake Tahoe. 

Amazon, You Are Hilarious!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.22.36 PM

If you want to upset a few people, perhaps you should wrap their next gift in this box!  Don’t even ask me how I found this on, but I was looking for something baby-related for Hen and this grabbed my attention. It made me chuckle! If you are a jokester, maybe add this to your online shopping cart to get a few laughs from friends.

I’m thinking of a few people who would get a kick out of this when opened at their baby shower!

This Guy @Five(5) Months

Henry at Five Months

Henry is a little peanut at just under 15 pounds.  He is rolling around everywhere and starting to crawl backwards.  He loves watching the dogs and will even hold his hand out to be licked.  He talks ALL DAY long, sucks on his fingers, and is now blowing spit bubbles.

This month marked the month we started sleep training and will soon test out solid foods.

He has three round trip flights under his belt and a wine country slumber party.


Somehow, everyday gets better than the day before. I don’t know how that is possible, but it is the truth.