Boobs. Boobies. Hooters. Breasts.


It doesn’t matter what you call them because as a breastfeeding mama, they are the food source for your little one.  In my experience, all modesty went out the window during labor + delivery and has not returned.  When the {Beetle Baby} is hungry, he’s fed.

No matter when + no matter where.  

In the car.  At the beach.  On a sidewalk. In a store aisle.  At a restaurant.  At a bar.  In bed.  At the gym.  In front of parents. In front of in laws. In front of friends and in front of strangers.

{Beetle Baby} + I established a great “nursing” partnership from the very beginning, and I absolutely love the sweet moments we spend together while he’s nursing.

The one downside that I have been struggling with lately is the pressure of being the baby’s only food source.  THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE.  It seems as soon as he makes a peep, everyone says, “He must be hungry.”

Guess what? I just fed him and babies cry for other reasons than being hungry.  Dirty Diaper. Wanting to be swaddled. Uncomfortable position. Too hot. Too cold.

Side Note: Don’t be that annoying person who says, “He must be hungry. When’s the last time he ate?” to a breastfeeding mama! Just don’t. Believe me when I tell you that she knows the baby better than anyone and your comment will annoy her! It is also offensive (to me at least).

The pressure is especially overwhelming now that I am a working mom because I have to pump enough “food” for the baby to make it a full day with nanny during the work week.  Sounds easy enough but when you are his only food source and he eats on-demand, there isn’t much time (or milk) to pump when we’re together.

Hopefully I can work on slowly building a reserve bank but as of now, I’m pumping during work hours and walking it over to the nanny’s house a few times a day just to keep up. *sigh*

Bring on the milk,

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.44.01 AM


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