The Pacifier Search Is On!

Who knew that the search for the “perfect” pacifier could be so difficult…and expensive!

At the beginning, the {Beetle Baby} was happy with anything you gave him but now that he is older, he is establishing his wants and has rebelled against every pacifier we own.  Because he is still swaddled and falls asleep easier with a “paci,” it is important to me to find one he likes.  As of now, we are down to just ONE that he will take, but since that ONE pacifier didn’t make it home from the nanny’s house yesterday…the search is on!

A few keystrokes on Amazon and a day later, we have many options for him to choose from.  Fingers crossed that he finds a few because somehow pacifiers have a way of “growing legs” and walking off! It seems I can never find it when I need it.  And then somehow it ends up in the dog’s mouth, which means it goes directly to the trash can.  Darn dogs!

Yes, I understand the GUMPDROP Orthodontic Pacifiers are PINK, but as it turns out, that is the only pacifier he will currently tolerate and now that they are DISCONTINUED, we are left with pink. Ugh.  Don’t worry, Real Men Wear Pink!:)


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