It’s a Sprinkle!

We celebrated my niece-to-be with a “sprinkle” hosted by my sister’s sweet friends.  Until I received the invitation, I had no idea that baby #2 gets a {sprinkle}, instead of a shower.  It makes sense but was just a foreign concept to me.

Typically the perfect baby, Henry was not having his best day as I forgot a swaddle blanket! Believe me when I tell you that he didn’t let me forget it, either!  After refusing to fall asleep without his beloved swaddle, I paid for it with a few tears and his high pitched cries. Talk about feeling like a failure! Ugh. I totally dropped the ball!

Other than feeling like the worst mother ever, the day was beautiful, the party was fun, and the company was fantastic. The hostesses really impressed me with their adorable decor, fun games, delicious food, and outpouring of love for my niece-to-be.

And of course, I have to include a photo of my shower for a #throwbackthursday!  Can you believe how much STUFF we received for our little bundle?  Sheesh! It is ridiculous how much stuff the modern parent “needs” to ease parenting. Ridiculous but oh, so necessary.V baby showerShowered with Love,

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.44.01 AM


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