ThrowBack Thursday: We Must’ve Played Too Hard 

I miss Henry so much when he is with the nanny during the day that when I see him, we immediately hit the floor together to play with toys, the dogs, tags, tupperware, and anything else laying around.

Sometimes, the playing gets a little too much for him and he starts the “cry/laugh” stage where he will start to laugh at something but then it turns into a cry with big alligator tears.  When it happens, I see it as my cue for the swaddle and a quick nap.  The other night, I didn’t even finish the swaddle before he was sawing logs and snoring!  He was so cute, I left him in the position and snapped a few photos to document.

Would you believe me if I told you that he slept for two straight hours in this position?  I could not believe it.

Proponent of Play,

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.44.01 AM


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