Mister Independent

Henry continues to establish his independence.  At this stage, he wants to feed himself.  First it was the bottle, then a spoon, and now it is the puree pouches and finger foods. At this point, he will swat your hand away if you try to help so we just sit on the sidelines and watch him do his thing. 

Go Henry Go!food3 food2 food



its 2am and I’m wide awake. At the risk of waking the baby, the dog, and the husband, I’m not making a peep and silently adding this post via my iPhone. 

I can’t stop staring at this sweet little bed blob.  

While still in the DC area, I’m commuting into the office, which is great but also super hard given I’m away from Henry all day.  

Today was especially hard because he fell asleep merely minutes after I got home from work. I didn’t get to spend any time with him, which brings tears to my eyes.  
What milestones/cuteness did I miss? Well, he fed himself a fruit pouch today. 

Yep, my little guy is super independent and picks up things quick.  Only after the third day of eating from the pouches, he now knows how to hold them up to his mouth and squeeze out the puréed fruit/vegetable mixture. 

I also missed staring at him during his sweet little naps. 

exhibit A:




Despite the fact that this photo makes Henry look unhappy, I assure you no babies were hurt in the making of this post!;)

His face is a direct result of a lemon!

My 23 month old nephew loves lemons and has ever since he was an infant. Because of this, I wanted to see how Hen felt about it…

The result? Not sure…but he didn’t hate it. 

The thing I didn’t think about is that Henry would be tired and rubbing his little eyes in the middle of the “experiment.” 

Rubbing eyes + lemon juice hands = ouchy, burning eyeballs

Silly me. 

Food is Fun!

IMG_1783-ANIMATIONEvery day with Henry is better than the day before! Especially since we started introducing solid foods!  From avocado to fruit pouches, Henry is experimenting with different textures, tastes, and utensils.

Henry Eats- July

Is it messy? YEP! Fun? You Know It!  Once we get back to San Francisco, I’m sure our dogs are going to love sitting beneath him to serve as the “clean up crew.”

Breaking the Swaddle

At six months old, Henry still loves the swaddle.  LOVES.  

We are aware that now that he can turn, flip, + move that we need to retire it, but it really is the magic tool to get him to sleep. 

Because his dad is much better than me, Henry has been napping without the swaddle for the past couple of days.  

Can you believe how precious he is sleeping in his play space?


Flashback to October: Six Months Pregnant

october flashback

I don’t miss being pregnant. I absolutely love the end result of my pregnancy, however I have no desire to do it again.  I count my lucky stars every.single.day that Henry Hayes was born a happy, healthy baby and never take it for granted!

With pregnancy, there are no guarantees.  Aside from the 9 month sickness + weight gain/body changes, it was a time filled with stress and anxiety as I felt like things were totally out of my control.  You can take all the right vitamins, eat right, exercise, relax your mind, etc but that does not translates to an easy pregnancy or a healthy baby.  And with so many unknowns, it is a gamble I will not take again.

So please don’t ask…When will you make Henry a big brother? because the answer is NEVER.

We are on the move 

Now that we know how to move our legs, we are on the move!

As exciting as it is to see Henry establish his independence and get to the place on the floor he wants to get to on his own, it makes for some exhausting afternoons.
Not to mention the fact that my heart hurts a little knowing that’s just ONE more thing he doesn’t need me for any longer.


Six Months Ago…

Sometimes I think that Henry looks exactly the same as the day he was born.  Then I look back at photos and realize that he was a completely different looking being.

I now realize that I don’t recognize his little face from the early days. I do not have any MEMORY of him looking anything other than the handsome little devil he is now.

Time just flies and blows my mind how much newborns change over a short amount of time.

Physically. Mentally.  Emotionally.

It is magic. MAGIC!