Flashback: The Sleepy Slug

I am counting down the days until the long holiday weekend so that I can soak up every moment of the day with my little man!  Today is really hard for me because I am missing Henry so much!  Even though he is only a few blocks away enjoying the sunshine at the park with the nanny, I am having serious FOMO.  I can’t help it but feel resentment today as I’m not able to enjoy the sunshine with him and see his little smile when he sees a bird fly by or a dog walk by on a leash.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…being a working mama is tough! It’s days like this that I think about leaving San Francisco in search of a city with a better cost of living so that Henry + I can play all day, everyday without worrying about finances. But then I step outside and am reminded of why we live here and how fortunate Henry is to be raised in such a diverse, accepting city.

San Francisco has a hold on my heart unlike any place I’ve ever been/lived.  Because of that, I will let these feelings of resentment fade away by looking at sweet little photos of Hen and stare at the clock until 6pm when it’s time to pick him up.



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