The Mohawk: Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

Everyone wants to know if we style Henry’s hair and the answer is “heck no!”  He has a little tuft at the top of his head that has a mind of its own and looks different every single day.

Sometimes he sports a comb over, sometimes a mohawk, & sometimes it sticks straight up and makes him look like a Dr. Seuss character.  We realize that his hair will eventually fall out and be replaced with new hair but until then, we will let it be wild and add character!

The following photos are the result of wiping him down with a baby wipe after a tongue bath from the dogs.

IMG_0346 IMG_0350 IMG_0360And yes, it is true! Henry is usually sans clothes.  He is a true California boy and a heater box so instead of making him uncomfortable in his sweaty clothes, we often leave him clothes-less.


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