Flashback to October: Six Months Pregnant

october flashback

I don’t miss being pregnant. I absolutely love the end result of my pregnancy, however I have no desire to do it again.  I count my lucky stars every.single.day that Henry Hayes was born a happy, healthy baby and never take it for granted!

With pregnancy, there are no guarantees.  Aside from the 9 month sickness + weight gain/body changes, it was a time filled with stress and anxiety as I felt like things were totally out of my control.  You can take all the right vitamins, eat right, exercise, relax your mind, etc but that does not translates to an easy pregnancy or a healthy baby.  And with so many unknowns, it is a gamble I will not take again.

So please don’t ask…When will you make Henry a big brother? because the answer is NEVER.


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