Busy Body

Hen is a little busy body!  I’m just waiting for the day he takes his first step, which I truly believe will be very soon. Yes, I realize he is only 7 months old.

And yes, I realize that this sounds crazy.

However, this kid LOVES standing up.  I can see him gain strength and confidence every single day.  He used to use furniture and toys to pull himself up with a grunt, but now he is using his legs to push up while using one hand to lightly stabilize himself.  It is incredible to watch, although I will say that we’ve had a few too many head bumps, which is hard to watch.

Most of the time, he doesn’t seem fazed by it but it makes me wish we had a helmet for him to protect his brain.

IMG_2698 IMG_2701 IMG_2711 IMG_2720


A Scary Rash. A Common Diagnosis.

Yesterday, we noticed little red dots on Henry’s arms, chest, and face.  Throughout the day, it seemed to spread to cover his entire body.

Due to some flight delays and a long day of travel yesterday, we decided to wait until this morning to take him in to see the doctor. It looked really bad but didn’t seem to bother him at all. No fever.  No scratching. No fussiness. He acted like the perfect little guy he always is so we were concerned but not freaking out.

Today, the rash is a bit worse, but we were able to see the pediatrician first thing this morning for an assessment.


The diagnosis? Heat rash.

I think this is a bit odd considering nothing has changed aside from our geographical location and temperature, which was cool and overcast in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

But, our pediatrician has the medical degree so we left with a steroid cream and instructions to wait a week for it to get better.

Those Who Play Together, Stay Together

Spending time with Henry and playing is truly the highlight of my day!

During the work week, we get about two hours in the morning and an hour or two after I pick him up from the nanny to play together.  We typically head home, strip him down to his diaper, and sit on the floor together to sing songs, practice standing, and laugh at the dogs.

I can always rely on his sweet, soulful eyes and big, gummy smile to make my days a little brighter.


You are my sunshine!IMG_2625-COLLAGE

Breastmilk is SO Weird

I read an article on The Stranger, a Seattle based newspaper + blog and to say I learned some a few things is an understatement!

WOW! WHOA! Seriously?

I would say that I know a lot about breastfeeding because of the following:

A) I’m a researcher at heart + super inquisitive

B) I took an 8 hour breastfeeding class while pregnant

C) I breastfeed my son.

BUT, I never knew any of the eye-opening points that are discussed in the article. Here is a snippet (source) –

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.43.07 AMWHAT THE F!? The “baby spit backwash?!”

It should gross me out, but I find it too MIND-BLOWING to be disgusted. The fact that our bodies are smart enough to communicate to each other in ways that we can’t even fathom is mind boggling. It makes me ask, WHAT ELSE DON’T I KNOW ABOUT MY BODY?

Oh God! I’m starting to get paranoid.

{Does quick Google search}

Ah, it’s too overwhelming. I don’t know the things I DON’T know!  What do I even ask Google? HELP!


*Takes deep breath!*

If you want to learn something seriously amazing, I would encourage you to read the full article – it had me shaking my head in agreement, busting out laughing a few times, and also made me feel proud to be a breastfeeding mama.  Then come back and comment so we can discuss.

Happiest of Birthdays to My Sweet Nephew, Levi!


Happy {First} Birthday to my sweet, handsome nephew, Levi!

As of August 24th, we have a one year old in the family.  I vividly remember receiving a call and some texts a year ago when he was born.  He was an easy baby out of the womb and a great baby in our lives!  There is no doubt about it…Levi has definitely left his mark on this Earth and in our hearts. His great big eyeballs, his infectious laugh, and his open-mouth smile are just a few of his individual characteristics that make him so lovable.


Levi, I’m glad you’re still a little guy and too young to remember that I am the worst Aunt ever.  I, stupidly, let your birthday slip past me without giving you a proper celebratory shout out!  I.am.the.worst!  I am a day late but just know that I was thinking of you and sending you well wishes from California to Colorado.


Your smile(s) brighten my day, and your personality shines brighter than any star.  I love you!IMG_20150520_120202

I can already tell that you and Henry Hayes are destined to be best friends.  It looks like you will take great care of him and be his protector when needed.  Just look at your sheer joy when rocking him to keep him happy.  You are one awesome nephew/cousin/son/grandson.  You have so many important titles now!  Just know that you are amazing at being a nephew, loving as a cousin, precious as a son, and adored as a grandson.IMG_20150517_100420-ANIMATION

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have a Stander!

Yep, I realize stander isn’t really a word. However, it perfectly describes Henry! He is such a cute handful that I can’t even deal with it.  I mean…he’s pushing and pulling himself up, cruising the couch, working up his courage and letting go, and practicing balancing without using his hands/arms.  Don’t forget that he is only seven (7) months old.


Henry’s look of determination.


Henry practicing “letting go.”



This is a look that runs in the family…


Photo bomb!


Who Brought the Baby to the Bar?

raises hand… 

Yes, it is true!  We take our baby to bars.

…we also take him to breweries. wineries. parks. festivals. restaurants. concerts. museums. the zoo. on airplanes. public transportation. etc. etc.

People always comment, “Oh YEAHHHH! Having a baby really changes your life, doesn’t it?”

It never fails!

Beetle + I look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and said, NO, not really.

Maybe it is because we have an easy baby.

Maybe it is because he fit {seamlessly} into our lives.

Maybe because we were active people, prior to Henry’s birth.

Maybe because we like to day drink, instead of staying out all hours of the night.

Whatever it is…It’s FUN!


We went on a brewery tour through Northern California this past weekend with some friends, and Henry was the hit of the group!  He was so quiet and well-behaved that I forgot to take photos of him being so awesome, quiet, and well-behaved.

Darn It!

For the wine country brewery tour, we went to Fog Belt BreweryLagunitas, and Baeltane Brewery.  It was a jam-packed day full of sunshine, live music, craft beer, and a ton of Henry smiles!  I heard multiple times, I’m a fan of Henry! and  Is he always this well behaved?

He is a pretty unbelievable guy!  Go Henry!

Son Of A {Beach}

There is no amount of sand and sun that can stop this little guy! Henry LOVES the beach, which is great for me because I am quite the beach bum, myself!  Living a few miles from the beach also makes it super convenient for him to get his fix.

I wish I could take him everyday but as it stands now, we make it {almost} once a week.  We always start out with sunscreen, a sun hat, a jacket, socks, pants, and a shirt to protect his skin.  However, we end up with one naked baby as he heats up and wants to be in his diaper.

I think we may be raising a nudist/exhibitionist.
DSCN0078 DSCN0088 DSCN0099 DSCN0103 DSCN0109 DSCN0110