Thirty Years Ago, I Was a Newborn

My mom recently sent me a photo that was taken thirty years ago, when my sister and I were five days old.

It is a sad truth that we don’t have any photos of us as babies or toddlers as they are being held hostage by our father – this must be the reason I have an urge to photograph & blog about Hen’s every move.

When I look at this photo, I am amazed that I was once this small. At one time, I was learning to hold my head up, sit unassisted, feed myself, crawl, and every other milestone Henry is reaching.

It is so hard to imagine.

At some point, Henry will forget all of this too. Thank goodness for the internet, blogs, and iPhone photos so that he can have a diary of his life and progress should he want it.

This photo serves as a reminder at just how fast time flies.  Especially on those days and late nights that seem SO HARD.

My Reminder: Take a deep breath.  Do a little walk. And remember that this little sliver of time will soon pass so it is best not to take it for granted or wish it away.


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