The Restaurant Water Cup & Using A Straw

While at brunch the other morning, our server brought Henry a water cup with a straw.  We quickly moved it to the side of the table thinking he was WAY TOO YOUNG to be drinking from a straw in a cup.  After all, we had only given him water one other time and that was in his bottle – which he did not like.

However, after seeing him reach for the cup and show a lot of interest, we shrugged our shoulders, said “what the hell?” and gave him the cup to see what he would do with it.

To my surprise, he grabbed the straw and sucked on it.  I literally could not believe my eye balls.  He acted like he had done this multiple times before and played it off like it ain’t no thang!  
strawHenry – You are amazing! I tell you this multiple times a day and will continue to tell you as I am positive you’ve lived this life before and know exactly what you are doing. I’m sure of it.


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