GoodBye Crib: Montessori-ish Style

We got rid of the crib over the weekend.

Yep, I disassembled it myself and was sad because for something that took two people four hours to put together, it took less than twenty minutes to take apart. It was very anti-climatic, to say the least.

Anyway, Hen now has a mattress on the floor so that he can explore his surroundings and not be “caged.”  His little room is adorable and he loves pulling at the rug, rubbing his hands on the blanket, and pulling himself up on everything in the room.

Even though we are still co-sleeping at this point, we are trying to transition him to his own little room where he can sleep, self-soothe, and play when he wants.

When we shared photos with our family, their reaction was “WHY?” My answer, “why not?


They ask, Won’t he crawl out? I respond, Yes, probably!

They ask, How will you keep him in bed? I respond, We won’t! He will have full access to his room, toys, and belongings to explore and learn in his own space.IMG_2125 IMG_2128 IMG_2132

Frankly, we are loving his room. It is so inviting, fun, and totally fits our little Hen. We now spend our evenings in there playing, reading, and exploring.IMG_2144 IMG_2143


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