This Little {seven.month.old) Turkey

This little turkey is seven months today!

IMG_2163Everyday I thank my lucky stars for him. He continues to be the best baby {for us}.  Honestly, if I were to “design” my baby and pick and choose his characteristics, features, quirks, personality, etc, HE is it!

Milestones: crawling, sitting up, pulling up, taking steps, babbling, eating solids + purees, and being awesome, in general!


Because we’ve been living between SF and DC for the past few months, we missed Henry’s six month wellness check so went today and got his measurements.

Our little coo coo bird is 27 inches long (39.74% percentile for his age) and 17 lbs 5 oz. (31.04% percentile for his age). BUT…he has a 46.8 cm head circumference, which puts him in the 99% for his age.

Because of this, I think it is such an accomplishment that he is able to move as much as he is due to the big noggin’ he’s carrying around on those petite little shoulders.

Just look at those sweet, little shoulders.IMG_2168 IMG_2178


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