The Mom Bod: Embracing the Change

A woman’s body is quite amazing!  Our bodies can stretch, grow, and shrink in a matter of months all while bringing life into the world.  Unfortunately, the amazingness of the experience kind of fades and goes out the window when a closet (or three) full of clothes remain unworn because they don’t fit the same as they did pre-pregnancy.

I realize that it doesn’t matter what the scale says and it doesn’t “really” matter what size I am because I have this perfect, beautiful child that I created, in my freaking body, which still blows my mind. BUT it does matter that I feel confident, sexy, and comfortable in my own skin, which is a work in progress.

My postpartum body journey has been a strange one and since I don’t know of any of my mom friends who talk about it, I will use this post as a way to get it out.

If we compare the change of my pre-pregnancy body vs my 32 week pregnant body, you can see the obvious difference.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.26.11 PM

Three days after coming home from the hospital, I was in some of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Although tight, I could button them and wear them without feeling like a stuffed sausage.  In the days following Henry’s birth, I was doing 2-4 mile stroller walks a day to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air.  No doubt, that coupled with breastfeeding made the weight fall off.

Nine days postpartum, I was feeling great!
9 days

Fast forward to today and I have mixed feelings about my post baby body. For some reason, the weight fell off fast (in the beginning) without even trying.  Let’s say it was because of breastfeeding…

But seven months later, I am still breastfeeding and have hit a plateau.  I am five pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight but the jiggles, cellulite, and waistline make it feel like much more.

As it turns out, around month 5 (postpartum), I actually started to gain weight. Eek! I didn’t notice it at first, but seeing a photo of myself, I was in tears.  Oh, and that explains why I was living in work out clothes…they were the only thing I could wear that felt comfortable.

Again, I know I have this beautiful, smart, amazingly perfect baby so my weight and clothing size shouldn’t matter but I can’t help but care about it. Blame it on society. Blame it on women. Blame it on my stupid brain. I don’t care…the fact of the matter remains the same – I care!

No matter how you slice it, 207 days, 6 months + 26 days, or 29 weeks + 4 days, the fact remains the same that after seven months, I don’t recognize my own body.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.22.29 PM
207 Days

Instead of being upset and sad about my body’s journey, I am making some changes.  Since I’m a mobile mama who is always on the go, I had to take a look at the food choices I was making out of convenience and for the sake of saving time. When evaluating my diet, it seemed I could make some easy switches. For instance, instead of grabbing chips, I am now grabbing banana chips, dried mango, and a bottle of water.  Also, instead of feeling too exhausted at the end of the day to make dinner and choosing to order in, I am now creating a weekly meal plan and meal prepping on weekends.

Now that Henry can go a few hours in between nursing because of the introduction of food, I have more time on my hands and am trying to put it to good use.

Let’s see if these small changes continue and that I see some results.


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