free time?! What’s that?

What the hell?!

Somehow I just found myself sitting in a dark room, by myself, watching weird music videos on YouTube.  

I’m at a loss of words and have no idea what to do with myself.  The husband is at a movie, the baby is sleeping in his room, the dogs are too hot to move.

Can it be true?

Do I have “me” time?

NO WAY!!!!!!!!

Sadly, I’ve taken on a new identity, and I don’t know what this NEW me likes to do.

This new me? Who is she? 

I’m now called, “Mom-Me!”

I don’t sleep past 6am. EVER!

I have a small person who relies on me for his life.

I have an actual family…Of. my. own. Whoa! Our own traditions. Our own inside jokes. Our own adventures.  Our own experiences.

Aside from sitting around thinking about the type of person Henry will be,  I need to figure out who I am in my new role.

I’m changed.

I’m different.

It sounds cliche, but the birthing experience changed me.

I have new hobbies. I have new likes. I live for Henry. He is my body. He is my soul.

…and he has my cute button nose:)

So anyway…what am I doing with my Vanessa-time?

I’m crafting! I was never a DIY person, but as I mentioned, I’m changed.

I’m currently working on a book to teach Henry the basics.

…Like how to work buttons.

And of course, I’m using his sweet little clothes that he’s outgrown because I can’t bear to part with them.

So tiny. So little. So unbelievable.

I’m also constantly checking on Henry by obsessively staring at the monitor showing the Dropcam live stream of his nursery.

I’m so pathetic.


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