Happiest of Birthdays to My Sweet Nephew, Levi!


Happy {First} Birthday to my sweet, handsome nephew, Levi!

As of August 24th, we have a one year old in the family.  I vividly remember receiving a call and some texts a year ago when he was born.  He was an easy baby out of the womb and a great baby in our lives!  There is no doubt about it…Levi has definitely left his mark on this Earth and in our hearts. His great big eyeballs, his infectious laugh, and his open-mouth smile are just a few of his individual characteristics that make him so lovable.


Levi, I’m glad you’re still a little guy and too young to remember that I am the worst Aunt ever.  I, stupidly, let your birthday slip past me without giving you a proper celebratory shout out!  I.am.the.worst!  I am a day late but just know that I was thinking of you and sending you well wishes from California to Colorado.


Your smile(s) brighten my day, and your personality shines brighter than any star.  I love you!IMG_20150520_120202

I can already tell that you and Henry Hayes are destined to be best friends.  It looks like you will take great care of him and be his protector when needed.  Just look at your sheer joy when rocking him to keep him happy.  You are one awesome nephew/cousin/son/grandson.  You have so many important titles now!  Just know that you are amazing at being a nephew, loving as a cousin, precious as a son, and adored as a grandson.IMG_20150517_100420-ANIMATION


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