Who Brought the Baby to the Bar?

raises hand… 

Yes, it is true!  We take our baby to bars.

…we also take him to breweries. wineries. parks. festivals. restaurants. concerts. museums. the zoo. on airplanes. public transportation. etc. etc.

People always comment, “Oh YEAHHHH! Having a baby really changes your life, doesn’t it?”

It never fails!

Beetle + I look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and said, NO, not really.

Maybe it is because we have an easy baby.

Maybe it is because he fit {seamlessly} into our lives.

Maybe because we were active people, prior to Henry’s birth.

Maybe because we like to day drink, instead of staying out all hours of the night.

Whatever it is…It’s FUN!


We went on a brewery tour through Northern California this past weekend with some friends, and Henry was the hit of the group!  He was so quiet and well-behaved that I forgot to take photos of him being so awesome, quiet, and well-behaved.

Darn It!

For the wine country brewery tour, we went to Fog Belt BreweryLagunitas, and Baeltane Brewery.  It was a jam-packed day full of sunshine, live music, craft beer, and a ton of Henry smiles!  I heard multiple times, I’m a fan of Henry! and  Is he always this well behaved?

He is a pretty unbelievable guy!  Go Henry!


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