Busy Body

Hen is a little busy body!  I’m just waiting for the day he takes his first step, which I truly believe will be very soon. Yes, I realize he is only 7 months old.

And yes, I realize that this sounds crazy.

However, this kid LOVES standing up.  I can see him gain strength and confidence every single day.  He used to use furniture and toys to pull himself up with a grunt, but now he is using his legs to push up while using one hand to lightly stabilize himself.  It is incredible to watch, although I will say that we’ve had a few too many head bumps, which is hard to watch.

Most of the time, he doesn’t seem fazed by it but it makes me wish we had a helmet for him to protect his brain.

IMG_2698 IMG_2701 IMG_2711 IMG_2720


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