SF Park Fun

on weekends, we like to get out of the house and explore the city.  With the Saturday morning farmers’ market being a quick train ride away, we usually kick off Saturdays with a trip there for breakfast and snacks. 

Right outside the farmers market is a huge playground that I’ve been wanting to take Henry. Last time we went, he was awake so we laid down a blanket and played in the sunshine. 


Invited: A Birthday Party Celebration!

Over the weekend, we were invited to our neighbor’s 3rd birthday party!  This was Henry’s second birthday party he’s attended and with a few more on the books for the next couple of months, he is going to be a party-guest pro by the end of the year!IMG_4014

This guy was making balloon animals for the kids! This photo captures him in the middle of making Elsa from the movie Frozen.  He was amazing to watch, and the kids were loving him!IMG_4016

He generously offered to make one for Henry on a “stick” so that he could play with it.  When he made this penguin for him, I had to laugh because the one time he went to the aquarium with the nanny, he was TERRIFIED of the penguins!  IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4022

…and he made me a pretty pink corsage!

IMG_4023 IMG_4024

Because Henry was too little for the bounce house but too big to stay in a car seat, we found the middle ground by playing with toys in the house.  He was mesmerized by all of the new toys he could check out!

IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4028 IMG_4034

Although blurry and unhappy, this photo was too cute to not post!  He’s sooooooo beyond tired but was too afriad to close his eyes and miss out on the fun.  His little ear tug is one of his signs he uses along with rubbing his little eyes to tell us how tired he is!

IMG_4036 IMG_4037

Don’t believe me?  He laid down next to the jumper and stared blankly at a man sitting on the couch for a good 3 minutes. Three minutes is a long time for a baby to lay still – trust me!


The train cake was just too cute!  And the blue icing left all of the kids with blue teeth, tongues, and lips!  IMG_4039 IMG_4041

NSFW Post – Another Weird Day in SF: Folsom Street Fair

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The Swaddle Is STILL the Secret Weapon

Sometimes Henry just NEEDS to go to sleep but fights it, because he is terrified of missing out on any new experience! Yesterday was no different! We had a jam packed day of an early morning walk around our neighborhood, a three year old’s birthday party, and a street fair in downtown San Francisco.

After seeing him struggle all afternoon, I decided to give him a little assistance and pulled out the secret weapon…the swaddle!

Is he too big for it? Probably!

Is he too old for it? Probably!

But guess what, it works like a charm. {Nearly} every single time.

During the swaddling process, he went from smiling and laughing to having a look of terror on his face when he realized he wasn’t able to move his arms.  After picking him up and rocking him in my lap, he was out cold for his nap.  Instead of carrying him to his room, I let him sleep next to me on the couch while I curled up to read a book next to candlelight. I just couldn’t get enough of his sweet little face.

the secret weapon

He’s Small + In Charge, Just Ask Him!

When Daddy dresses Henry, you never know what kind of outfit he will be wearing.  Today I woke up to a cute outfit that shows off his dad’s NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings.  And in case Hen had a case of the Mondays like the rest of us, he was dressed in his comfy sweats to ensure optimal comfort.

This little guy is ALWAYS happy and doesn’t seem to care what the heck he is wearing.

Go Vikings IMG_4067 IMG_4069 IMG_4071 IMG_4078