Women {Not} Helping Women – Looking At You, Marissa Mayer

Cruising People.com today, I saw a headline that gutted me!  The headline made me deflate like a hole in a helium balloon…

Shame on People.com for reporting such garbage and shame on Marissa Mayer for being a public figure in the spotlight and not helping women and women rights!

If you’re wondering, here is the headline –

marissa mayer

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.10.10 AM


As a working, professional woman in the tech world in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, I am crushed by this because I was directly affected by the mentality that pregnancy and giving birth is like a disability, which IT IS NOT!  From someone who lost her job in the tech space when I announced my pregnancy, this headline fills me with fury!  Seriously Marissa?!

The days after giving birth are sacred and let’s be honest, not pretty from the body perspective.  For one, you still look pregnant a few days after giving birth, you are bleeding from EVERYWHERE, you are sleep deprived, and most importantly, your ONE job is to nourish and take care of your baby.  As my Mom once said, “They [babies] didn’t ask to be brought into this world!”  You would think she knows “all about it,” considering she also has a kid.

What Do I Expect?

Well, for one, I expect women to stand up for other women! I expect for public figures to use their fame and the spotlight to promote equal rights.  I’m sorry but telling the world that you won’t be taking much time off of work and that you will be working all throughout your pregnancy and delivery is setting the expectation that what she is doing is normal! Clearly, it is not!

Let’s be honest!  There are very few people who have nannies and caretakers and house cleaners and chefs and everyone else to do everything for them so that the single focus can be a career.  While she has worked hard for this privilege (I assume), there has to be some knowledge that her life is not the norm.  And that means that when she makes statements like this and the media covers it, it makes it hard for all of the other women that are not part of the 1%.

Shame on you!


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