Naps, Schnaps!

While in Denver, this little turkey was on a nap strike!  The only way we could get him to sleep was to put him in the stroller and walk. miles. and miles. and miles.  It seemed that most times as soon as the stroller stopped, so did his nap. Oh, man!

When your old standbys such as the swaddle, a pacifier, rocking, swaying, singing, etc doesn’t work, it’s time to throw up your hands and do the only thing that seems to work, which in this case was a walk in the stroller.

I felt like I was on high alert for eye rubs, yawns, and sensitivity as I tried not to miss my window for nap times.  Even though Henry is a chill baby and remained in a playful, happy mood, I know that naps are important for his brain, his growth + development, and his health so was a bit stressed about his nap strike.  By the end, I was willing to do anything if it meant getting him to sleep.

When he did nap, he napped hard as evidenced by the photos below.  Life is good.



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