Because Moms Don’t Get Sick Days

I have a very curious, inquisitive child who needs his mind and senses stimulated constantly. I love this fact about him because he loves being on-the-go with us. 

However, on days like today when I’m feeling ill and so exhausted that the sidewalk looks like a nice place to rest my tired eyes, it is hard to be “on” for my curious, inquisitive babe. 

Even though I would have preferred to lay in bed all day and nap by illness away, Henry needs attention and stimulation so I pulled myself together enough to leave the house.  

He and I took the SF BART (train) to the Embarcadero (water/bay) for a nice stroll and an afternoon at the Exploratorium museum. 

While I thought the stroller ride would put him right to sleep, he was wide eyed and bushy tailed taking in his surroundings and the  different people we encountered on our excursion. 

As we passed a science museum, I decided it would be the perfect place to burn off our energy. 

The Exploratorium has been on my “must do” list for the past three years, but I never made it here…until today! I’m glad I was able to experience it with Henry – his look of awe and amazement at the different exhibits was my favorite part. 

Here are some photos from our day!



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