Reminiscing About Our Recent Trip

I can’t help but keep thinking of Henry’s recent trip to Chicago to visit family. He was able to spend a ton of time with his cousins, Mac + Roni.

Uploading the photos to my computer today has made me teary-eyed as I’m missing them like crazy.  My sister and her family’s recent move from the DC-area to the ‘burbs of Chicago was a great move for them to be closer to family. It is great for me because the move makes my flight to see her an hour and a half less, which is a major plus.

However, a two hour time difference and a four hour flight still makes it feel like a very long distance.


We had such a blast and made some lovely memories. Henry was loving all of the new (to him) toys and was following his two-year-old cousin, Roni, all over the house.


We miss you guys!  We are sending our love to you from California.


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