Early Morning: City Walk Adventures

Wandering around the neighborhood and exploring new parts that are previously undiscovered to us is a great pastime for me and Henry.  We start our mornings early but when naptime is being fought, we strap on the baby carrier and head outside. With the stimulation of the various sites, Henry doesn’t make it very long until he falls asleep on my chest. My favorite place for him to be…right next to my heart.

Do you think he can hear all of the love I have for him in my heartbeat?

Those Who Wander Are Not LostHenry105henry100

And one thing that is “So San Francisco” is our neighbor’s house. Every Halloween season, he decorates it in a different theme. The decor this year was quite impressive.

henry 101

Good thing that Henry is young enough that he doesn’t know that skeletons and blood + gore is a scary thing.  He gave the items a quick once over and then cracked a smile.  He must have a love for the horror genre like me!


We also stopped at the neighborhood school to play at the playground. The school had these beautiful murals and positive messages, which were so sweet.  They had chickens and a garden on the grounds, as well.

I can tell you that I didn’t see these things at my school in rural Indiana. I feel so fortunate that I’m able to give Henry more. More experiences. More adventures. More culture. More education.

I love that he will grow up respecting Mother Earth by recycling, composting, and up-cycling.

I love that he will grow up knowing about gentle, humane treatment of every creature.

I love that he will grow up with easy access to healthy food choices and an active lifestyle/culture.



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