A Case of the Mondays

After a fun weekend, my pint-sized assistant is hard at work answering calls and emails on my behalf.  With a bad case of seasonal allergies and feeling emotionally drained, this Monday is especially hard for me.

I’ll just turn my frown upside down and count the hours until Henry comes back from the nanny.

…only five more hours.


Sunday Picnic

We had a baby play date picnic afternoon today, and I seriously could have sat there all day long watching them play and discover.

Henry had his first piece of meat today.

Chicken Shawarma, to be exact.

Because it is important for him to know where his food is coming from, I told him that he was eating a free range, happy chicken named Todd.


The Introduction of Peanut Butter

PicMonkey Collage

This morning we added peanut butter to the breakfast menu.  If I am to be honest, I was and still am a nervous wreck. I have an eagle eye on him while looking for any red dots, spots, splotches that would denote an allergy. I’ve put off the introduction of nut butters because I didn’t think I could handle the stress of an emergency room visit should he be allergic.

Today I was feeling brave and did the introduction – so far, so good! Thank goodness!

The Bees Knees


Baby Led Weaning is the bees knees.  We are expanding our food repertoire to include crackers, carrots, and broccoli.

I love seeing his little “tentacle” finger that inspects all of the new food.

I see him registering the colors. the textures. the size…


I’ve traveled so much with Henry that I forget to brag about how good of a traveler he is!  We often get a round of applause when we get off the place + high fives telling us how well-behaved Henry was and how he is an “expert” traveler.  I can see that I am starting to take his good behavior for granted so wanted to highlight it in its own little post so that I remember these sweet moments.

Hen is so used to the traveling routine that he now likes to help me pack!  He really impressed me when he crawled into the suitcase and started putting items in it.

He is just so amazing. I can’t say it enough…