Radio Flyer Fun with Bubby


While visiting family in the Chicago ‘burbs, Henry had a ton of fun with his bubby (cousin), Roenick.  I pulled the two of them in a wagon to the neighborhood park where we played on the swings and slides.IMG_4895 IMG_4877

IMG_4898 IMG_4872 IMG_4865 IMG_4862

Big belly, don’t care!IMG_4858 IMG_4856


Playing playing playing 

While in Chicago visiting family, Henry has been playing his brains out.  

Between the cousins and the “cousins by marriage,” he has been inundated with more play pals than he knows what to do with. 
Here he is testing out the play pen for his 3 month old cousin, Mac. 

Toes Are Fun!

Henry is starting to become obsessed with his little toes!  He likes to pull off one of his socks and pick at his toenails. Where in the world did he learn this?  I have no idea, but it cracks me up.

Is it part of the baby process? Is it a quirk?

I constantly ask myself, “Is this Henry being Henry or is this Henry being a baby?”

I don’t know the answer, but I’m okay with whatever it is.toes2 toes

An Abundance of Henry(s)

My sister in law’s best friend was visiting SF from Portland so it was a must that we got our Henry(s) together. Her Henry, Henry Sal, was born six weeks after my Henry, Henry Hayes!

The two were too cute together! Hen and I met them at the Fairmont Hotel in Ghirardelli Square and had a glass for wine while the Henrys got to know each other.

Most would think that 7 and 8 month old babes won’t play together but these two were touching each other’s faces, sharing toys, and smiling and squawking at each other. It was so fun to see!

The Front Facing Carrier – Lille Baby

Henry is a curious little man!  He is always wide-eyed observing his surroundings.  To help him with this, we decided to get a forward facing carrier.  It’s been on the to do list for a couple weeks, but I’ve been scouring Craigslist and mom group forums to find a used one, which wasn’t really working.

However, I recently went to a baby consignment shop and found this Lille Baby one for $20!  For a carrier that costs $120 new, I couldn’t pass up this deal!

We had a chance to try it out this weekend and loved it! With some many different brands out there, it can seem overwhelming to get the “right” one.

Reasons we like it?

a) It has a zippered pocket – score!  I can easily keep my keys, ID, and debit card on my body without carrying a purse.

b) It has a little hood that attaches to protect the baby from the sun if we forget his sun hat.  Awesome!

c) It is sturdy and well made!  It’s also super comfortable for the wearer and the baby.

d) It has an adjustable seat size so that you can carry the tiniest of babies all the way up to 45 pounds while providing ergonomic support.


bed head. don’t care. 



This has been a LOOONNGG week. I have been missing Henry like crazy while I work, and he spends the day with the nanny.  

Even though he is a busy body and requires a ton of energy that leaves me exhausted by the time the sun sets, I live for those moments.  I try to soak up every moment. Every interaction. Every facial expression. Every squeak.  Eye rub. Yawn. Alligator tear.  

I find myself staring at him wondering how my body created something so perfect.  So sweet.  So loving.