Our Odd Nursery Setup

Yes, our baby sleeps on a mattress on the floor.

No, he doesn’t sleep in a crib.

Let me explain.

We tried the crib.

We hated the crib.

When looking for something that didn’t feel like a “cage,” we opted for the mattress on the floor. As soon as I heard stories of babies falling out of their cribs, I panicked and dissembled the crib.  If my baby is going to fall, I’m going to make it as safe/comfortable as possible.

I feel so much more comfortable with our current setup.

We scoot his little mattress right next to the guest bed to add a bit more protection (i.e. barrier) from rolling off onto the floor.

Three things I know…

  1. He is a bed hog.
  2. He tosses and turns.
  3. He knows how to get off feet first.

Yes, that’s right! He knows how to get on and off his mattress.

He also knows how to get on and off the couch.

A ledge.

A step.

He understands the concept of “falling” and is sure to throw his legs down so that his little feet are the first body parts to hit the ground.  He is one smart cookie.

Another plus of this setup is that he can get up when he is ready and play with items around his room.  Instead of being contained to a crib, he can explore his surroundings at his own will.

You can see him snoozing in his bed in this post!


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