(Un)happy thanksgiving

 This year, Thanksgiving has a black storm cloud over it given the fact the matriarch of our family is battling the final stages of terminal cancer. 

Words can’t express the grief and sadness we feel! While we did have a delicious family feast together, it was hard not to think about the elephant in the room…this will be our last Thanksgiving together as a complete family. 

To escape the heaviness and broken hearts, we went on a little family stroll to get some fresh air. Those little moments in the sunshine and fresh air almost takes our mind off our heavy hearts. At least for a split second. 

Don’t be fooled! Behind the sunglasses and forced smile, is a pair of blood shot eyes from lack of sleep, worry, and sadness. 

I feel so helpless and out of control, therefore I’ll focus on those things I can control…like Henry soaking up as much time as he can with his “bubby”/grandma. 

Two days ago, Henry took his first steps.  What would normally be a tear-filled happy celebration of this huge milestone is muted by the heaviness we feel at watching our beloved matriarch slowly fade away.  

I’ll hug Henry a little tighter over the next few days to pull strength from his spunky little body and gentle beating heart. 



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