Road Trip {impromptu}

With a fractured foot and a doctor’s order to stay off my feet, my husband was tired of being “bossed” around, and I was going stir crazy so…

We decided to pack the car and drive down the coast for a few day-long road trip.  

We left San Francisco around 5:30pm yesterday and ended our night’s drive in Paso Robles, CA. 

 After breakfast at the hotel, we hit the road and are now en route to Santa Barbara for some beach time and lunch.    

We made a quick stop at the quirky Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and snapped a photo.  


We will eventually make our way to Carlsbad for Legoland’s NYE celebration and then the beaches of San Diego. 

Drive on…


lazy day vibes : playhaven

We were feeling SUPER lazy yesterday, however we still wanted to get Henry out of the house so we headed to our favorite indoor play space in SF, playhaven.





Throwback to Christmas

I found this little .gif in my drafts folder and couldn’t believe I never posted it!  Our friends had us over for a Christmas dinner so we took advantage of the decorated tree and got a family portrait.

If Henry looks tired in the photos…he is! We woke him up to take it – whoops!:)

On a side note, how cute are his little Hannukah pajamas?

SF Brunch: Heartbaker

After the beach, we headed to grab a bite to eat at this cute little bakery in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco called HeartBaker. YUM! It was delicious!  Henry loved the black beans and avocado from his daddy’s breakfast plate of huevos rancheros.


The bakery is decorated in the most adorable way possible.


…And the peppermint hot chocolate that they made was out of this world! I am dreaming of it as I type this out.


Mom + Hen {Rainy} Day Activities

What is free and entertains Hen for an hour or two while the rain falls outside?

A trip to Barnes + Nobles!

From checking out the new stuffed animals to touching all of the books at ground level, this kid loves a good book store!

After the bookstore, we had a fun lunch(date) of mashed potatoes + mac&cheese from Popeyes!  He giggled from the time we walked in until the time we left. He’s soooo much fun + a perfect lunch date.



Beach Days

One of our favorite family activities is visiting the beach.  Even though we only live a few miles away, we don’t make it there as much as we’d like.

Knowing this, we took advantage of the break in the rain to take Henry to {Ocean Beach} to walk the dogs and play in the sand.

The weather was perfect.



the Pacific Ocean


Shadows on the Beach



Small Dog Meetup Group


Even though {almost} EVERYTHING goes in Henry’s mouth as soon as he touches it, he somehow knows NOT to eat the sand.  He loves running it through his tiny little fingers and digging to find little treasures like sticks and shells.  I’ve created a little beach bum!


Missed Connection  

While time zones and geography separate me from my twin and her sweet family, we try to “see” each other as often as we can through Facetiming on our iPhones.

This was Henry this morning after I said, Do you want to talk to Aunt Casey?

Update: doc visit

The update on the mysterious rash(es) is that he has eczema.  

Some of the spots are infected with staph, therefore we’ve been instructed to apply a prescription cream and cover him in Aquaphor. 

Will do! 


back bumps


infected eczema spots

…it’s always something.