Weekend Activity: Playtime at the Library

Hen had a sleepy, lazy Sunday so to get him out of the house, I took him around the corner to the library for the Lego Playtime.

While the toddlers played with the teeny tiny Lego pieces, I kept Henry in the main library part where we picked out a few books to take home with us.

Once the space cleared, I picked up all of the little Lego pieces that were left behind and gave Hen some letter magnets and big building blocks.

Once the kids left, Henry quickly lost interest in his toys and wanted to follow them around.  He kept crawling out of the play area so we had to shut the door to keep him contained!



Hen loves being around other kids and watching them like a hawk.  He doesn’t have any sense of “stranger danger” so walks right up to them to jabber in their ears and touch their hands.  He’s so nosy, curious, adventurous, loving, and fun!




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